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Solving complex systems problems via design based thinking

To Boldly Go Where Nobody Has Gone Before

We solve the world's hardest social problems. 


We are an elite team of India's most innovative professionals. Our past work includes building wildly successful organizations, teaching at the world's top institutes, and solving highly challenging problems. We are currently one of India's fastest growing start ups. These are the backgrounds of some of our employees. 

The Founder of Indian Political Action Committee, India's largest political campaigning firm. He ran Prime Minister Modi's first election campaign for Prime Minister.


 A General who oversaw all of Jammu and Kashmir and led 20,000+ troops against insurgency.


The Co-founder of Global Citizen India. Activated 500,000 youth across India to raise six billion dollars.

The operations head of one of the largest NGOs in India. Former corporate COO.

India’s leading learning and development executive. She scaled and Indigo Airlines.

Founder of Walmart's Global Behavioral Science Division, Forbes 30 under 30, and Professor at UCLA

One of India's top intelligence analysts whose trained the NIA, Military Intelligence, Delhi Police, Sri Lankan Government, and other top agencies.

Professor in Criminal Psychology and Criminology

Special forces commandos from India's most elite units


& Many Others...

Our Processs

Challenging social issues cannot be solved with a single point solution. 

We use 'design based thinking' to inquire into the fundamental nature of social problems and understand their core inter dynamics and causal factors. 


We leverage a team of researchers, social scientists, community experts, legal researchers, analysts, and technologists to understand and model complex problems.

We design multidisciplinary solutions that solve for the various aspects of a problem. We integrate the multidisciplinary components so they strengthen each other.

These integrated solution suites are breakthrough approaches to solving the world's most complex social problems.

We implement these solutions, prove them, and then rapidly work to scale their impact.

Our clients include the Government, NGOs, and large scale institutions interested in solving the world's most pressing social issues.

Research & Analytics

A diverse team of PhD researchers and analysts develop cutting edge insights to drive our work 


Campaign teams use storytelling as a critical tool to drive social change 


Litigators and legal researchers deploy innovative legal strategies 


Digital product innovation, analytics solutions, custom databases, and other technologies unleash the future of social impact

Advanced Technology

We are pioneering the world's most advanced technologies for creating

sustainable social change.

- Facial Recognition Technology

- IBM Analyst's Notebook​

- Custom AI Driven Databases

- Digital Scraping Tools

- Digital Media Analysis

- Digital Forensics

- Mobile Apps

We are creating the future. 

Name, Title




We are deeply mission driven. 

Our souls are called to action.


We know that within each human being lies genius.

We experience that genius when we are in our genius state.

Our organization is designed to enable people to work in their genius state so they can unlock their deepest gifts.


We Are Dauntless

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

- Thomas Edison 

Always Learning

We are heavily focused on learning and training with global experts. Your skillset will be taken to the next level with us.

Do you have what it takes?

Open Roles:

Head of Talent Acquisition

Senior Digital Campaign Manager


Head of Project Management

Senior Product Manager

Senior Designer

Data Scientist

Social Worker

Finance Lead


Legal Researcher

Psychological Counselor

Head of Security
Digital Classrooms Lead

Campaign Associate



Take your career, life, and impact to the next level.

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